Trip to Shillong

Shillong is the capital of the north – east Indian state of Meghalaya . Situated about ninety kilometers from Guwahati , it is one of our favorite weekend destinations . And Shillong being the capital of old ( undivided ) Assam , it was but natural , for us to visit it and check out its beautiful food and scenery .

So on one sunny Sunday morning , we decided to go for a drive and Shillong being our destination !!! About thirty kilometers from home and we realized our hunger , and then we reached Nongpoh . Fresh organic foods from the hills is what caught out eyes . The large variety of fresh fruits were just so inviting . Bananas , pineapples , coconuts and a lot of stuff which we didn’t even recognize . Its a heaven for anyone who likes pickles as those ranging from simple mango and chilli pickles to exotic ones like Bhut Jolokia and fish pickles are quite commonplace here . But bear in mind to bargain , as they cite unbelievable prices for the products . After having a super heavy breakfast of bananas and pineapples , and chewing kwai , we moved ahead with our journey .

Our next halt was Borapani . There we had the Jhalmuri , ie . puffed rice mixed with onions , pickles , boiled potato , various spices and garnished with groundnuts and a slice of coconut .

By early noon , we reached the city of Shillong . And just as charming the old houses are , so irritating is the traffic of the city . So somehow we went directly to Police Bazaar , where we had our lunch at Barbeque . Barbeque is a famous restaurant serving Chinese cuisines in the heart of the city . After having a very heavy lunch of noodles , rice , pork and chicken , we all were craving for something sweet . So we climbed the stirs just next to Barbeque and voila , there was Bread Cafe . Delicious cupcakes and donuts are what we had there .

All tummies ready to burst , be got back to our car . Had to go someplace to digest all we ate , and the Golf Course was the best place to do that . And after about half an hour , thats exactly where we went . A long walk through the beautiful green meadows were enough to get us back to normal !! Had a cup of coffee and we decided to return , but not before grabbing another quick bite in Shillong .

So we went to Munchies to grab their awesome burgers and sandwiches . And whats better to wash them down than milkshakes !! And after that , fully overloaded and with the sun starting to set , we bade adios to the Scotland of the East and returned back home . But then again Meghalaya means ” Abode of the Clouds “, so as if to live up to its reputations , the skys opened up .

So heavy was the rain that we had to shop en – route in the Woodland Dhaba . There too we grabbed a cup of coffee , which we must say was really bad , before hitting the road again . And happily tired , we reached our home in the evening , thus ending a very good weekend in Shillong !!

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