Topaz Lounge

One of the top end pubs of the city , Topaz offers an excellent environment to party for anyone who visits !! Located in Ulubari above KFC , Topaz Lounge is one of the newest pubs in the city .

The ambiance is the best thing about the Topaz Lounge . Excellent lighting and the beautiful interiors just sets the mood on for a nice party . Whether you like to dance , or hang out with friends , this is a place you can be in . The DJ also has a really nice collection of tracks . Along with his experience and the great sound system , Topaz Lounge is a great party destination .

Food is mediocre in the Topaz Lounge . The plating and garnishing was good but the food itself was slightly below our exceptions . As per the charges , we were expecting both more quality and quantity .

The service is also scored on the lower end of medium on our scale . The staff is really courteous and trained . But a few have an air of arrogance which is unexpected of such a place . And someone should tell the cleaners to avoid sweeping the floor just next to a table where people are eating !! Another problem was that their card machine wasn’t working . We request you to maintain that , because its really irritating to keep people waiting while someone goes to fetch the cash .

Open During : Topaz Lounge is open from 1 PM to 12.00 PM .

Phone Numbers : +91 8811084047 & +91 8876461339

Facebook : Topaz Lounge

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