Tandoori Tadkaa

Tandoori Tadka is located just opposite to the Sonaram Higher Secondary School Field , and bridges the lack of big restaurants between Maligaon and Fancy Bazar . As their name suggests , tandoori is their specialty , and definitely not bad .

Tandoori Tadka #GuwahatiFoodie

Tandoori Tadka #GuwahatiFoodie

The ambiance of Tandoori Tadka is really nice . They must have created the place with just SPACE in mind . The place is large and can be utilized gor parties or small corporate events . The lighting was very nice but the lack of any sound / audio / music systems made the environment kind-of different (in a not – so – good way) . Seriously hope that they buy a audio system soon !!

The service of Tandoori Tadka was nice . The people were quite fast and responsive . And you can always ask for the details of your dish .

The food however is very mediocre in Tandoori Tadka . Firstly the quantity is very less when we consider their price . And secondly , few days back our friend had used the take away option for his chicken tikka , which turned out to be under-cooked .

Therefore we suggest you to not use the packing option , and have your food there itself . And if you practice that one plate for two people idea , sorry to say but it wont quite work out here because the quantity is very less .

Timing : Tandoori Tadka is open from 11AM to 10 PM .

Update : This place has just deteriorated since this article was first written . Firstly right from the time we walked in , there was a particular odour inside the shop . The stink made it quite uneasy to go sit there , something very unexpected from a place like this . Secondly , they make only one type of biryani and the waiters try to pass it as Hyderabadi biryani or Kolkata biryani based on what the customer asks .


  1. i must say, food at tandoori tadkaa is quite different, food at tandoori tadkaa is mouth watering, specially biryanis,u will find differnt tipe of biryanis here,

    1. Would like to disagree with you . They normally have only one type of biryani , Kolkata Biryani . And the waiters try to pass it as every other type !

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