Silk Route Resort Sualkuchi

Silk Route Resort Sualkuchi

The food is quite ok in Silk Route Resort and specialty is Assamese Cuisines . They cook mutton really well but don’t even try their pork ! Plus do not expect anything cold as refrigeration is an use here because of the irregular electricity supply . The good side of this being , they are forced to serve fresh food all the time !!

Drinks are not served by them , but they allow drinks to be taken from outside . So pick up your drinks on your way here . And if you want to sip a few drinks in a cottage by the river Brahmaputra , Silk Route Resort is a must visit place for you .

The ambiance of the Silk Route Resort is different from any other eatery in Guwahati . Enough open space for any outdoor activity, and bamboo and wood cottages on the river bank . That is what makes the location so beautiful .

Service is good enough given the place . Most of the people working there are locals and might have some difficulty with Hindi or English . Certain orders may take some time , so I suggest you to ask the waiter before ordering . The people are quite well behaved here .

Open During : Silk Route Resort , Sualkuchi  is open from 2 PM to 10 PM everyday .

This article is about why you should visit Silk Route Resort Sualkuchi and how to reach it.

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Update : Recent constructions has almost replaced the natural feeling with concrete structures . Also the amount of free space has decreased drastically , so there isn’t must space for outdoor activities now .

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