Satyanarayan Pujar Bhug

Often Pujas , or Hindu prayer meetings , involve distribution of Prasad or Bhog or Bhug in Assamese . The recipe here is that of the Bhug offered here is from the Puja of Lord Satyanarayan . Puja normally involves a certain degree of fasting , so these Prasads have been created to have a high sugar content . This is what makes them really tasty and a quick source of energy !!


There are no hard and fast rules or ingredients for these Prasads . They may vary from region to region and from family to family . The one I present here is used in my family Puja .

Ingredients :

There are only six ingredients in this Bhug recipe . All of them are used in equal amount of 1.250 kilograms ( 1.250 liters for the milk ) .

  1. Pealed Bananas
  2. Sugar
  3. Jaggery
  4. Flour ( Rice or wheat )
  5. Milk
  6. Clarified Butter ( Ghee )

Method :

Mash the pealed bananas to pulp and make sure there is no hard pieces left behind . Any grinder can be used , but we prefer to do it by hand . Adding a tablespoon or two of sugar while mashing makes the process easier . Melt the jaggery in about half a liter of milk . Heat the ghee a little to melt it . And use a fine sieve to remove any impurities or particles from the flour .

Add the banana pulp to a large vessel ( capacity of about 10- 12 liters ) so that everything can be mixed properly . Gradually add the flour to the pulp and keep mixing . Check for lumps in every step and break them with your hand . If the mixture becomes too dry , add the ghee in small amounts and keep stirring . The molten jaggery follows the flour to the mixture . And the remaining milk and sugar is added at the last and mixed properly .

Let the mixture stand for about two hours . Mix the contents properly before serving , the ghee tends to accumulate on top . This Bhug can be preserved for about 4-5 days in a refrigerator .

Note : This writeup is not aimed to hurt any religious sentiments , and we are sorry if any such matter arises .

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