Munchies – Shillong

Munchies is a small coffee joint with great food and awesome place to hangout with your friends in Shillong . This article is about this famous coffee shop .

Munchies Shillong #GuwahatiFoodie

Munchies Shillong #GuwahatiFoodie

Munchies is more of a coffee shop that serves awesome snacks . Their burgers and sandwiches are the what we found to be the best in town . And when we consider the costs , its an absolute bargain . You can check out their menu here and here .

Munchies is a very small place with limited sitting arrangement . The open aired environment plays is a great feature of this place . The upper deck has a much better ambiance compared to the lower deck . The over – the – counter service is also a good option . Plus they have a great sense of music , just like anyone else from Shillong .

The service of Munchies is also quite good . Given the fact that they have a very limited number of staff working for them , this place functions quite efficiently . The people understand both Assamese and Hindi , thus making it easy for people . And they are also very well mannered and down to earth . They also give take – away service .

If you are in Shillong , we suggest you to visit this place at-least once , preferably in the evening .

TripAdvisor : Munchies .

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