Moong Dal Halwa

Halwa is basically dessert pudding originating in Northern India and Pakistan . It can be made from various ingredients , but this recipe uses Moong Dal or yellow lentils as the basic ingredient .

Halwa by #GuwahatiFoodie

Halwa by #GuwahatiFoodie

Ingredients for Moong Dal Halwa :

  1. 100 gms of Moong Dal .
  2. Two tablespoons of Ghee .
  3. 250 ml of milk ( preferably full cream or un-skimmed ) .
  4. Two tej patta and three – four elaichi .
  5. Sugar and dry fruits according to taste .

Procedure :

Start by soaking the moong dal in water for about three – four hours . This will make the dal soft and easy to cook . Strain the dal once they soften and spread it on a newspaper for about half an hour to remove the excess water .

Meanwhile cut the dry fruits roughly into small pieces and keep them aside to be added later .

After the dal loses the extra water , make a thick paste of the dal in a grinder . There is no need to add more water as the dal is soft enough for grinding .

After the paste is ready , heat the ghee in a flat based non – stick pan or kadhai and add the tej patta and elaichi ( break the pods before adding ) . Next to go into the pan is the sugar . Once the sugar starts to become slight brown , add the moong dal paste to it . Stir slowly but continuously for about five minutes to prevent formation of lumps . Then add the milk to the pan and keep stirring for about two more minutes so that lumps are not formed . You can also add a few drops of gulab – jal or vanilla essence of you want .

Cover the pan for about twenty – thirty minutes and keep the flame on shimmer . Stir occasionally so that the halwa does not stick to the bottom of the pan . When the milk starts to dry up , add the dry fruits and mix properly ( you can also use dry fruits for garnishing ) . Remove from the heat when it dries out completely .

Moong Dal Halwa tastes good both as a hot or cold dessert . Do give this recipe a try and let us know how much you liked it !! Happy Eating 🙂

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