Mising Kitchen

Mising Kitchen is the latest eatery serving authentic northeastern food in Guwahati . They present a delicious menu of the Mising Tribe of Northeast Indian . This article is about Mising Kitchen , Guwahati .

Veg Thali @ Mising Kitchen #GuwahatiFoodie

Veg Thali @ Mising Kitchen

If you love non – vegetarian food , this place is a must visit for you . Mising food , like any most of the tribal food , has very less spices and a lot of herbs . Mising Kitchen does absolute justice to traditional authentic Mising food . With a large variety of fresh ingredients and the great chef , this eatery makes one of the best places to eat . We tried pork with sesame seeds , roast chicken , mashed fish and chicken with bamboo shoot , each dish was just perfect .

The ambiance is also very good in Mising Kitchen . The use of the laminated bamboo furniture adds to both the looks and the comfort . The place is clean and well maintained and the traditional dresses of the people working there just adds to the overall ambiance of the place .

We found the service of Mising Kitchen to be very good . Although they say that most the people have come from villages , the staff seems quite well trained . Their behavior and attitude just made revisit the place . Also its hard to find the owner coming up to you and asking if everything is ok and if we would like to something changed . Overall service gets full points on our scale .

But the best thing about this place is the transparency in billing . We mean to say that in this time where every customer is angry about the compulsory services charges being added to the bill , this is probably one of the very few air conditioned eateries where you have to pay just the amount mentioned in their menu ( and trust us , its quite low ) !!

Our suggestion is to order a vegetarian thali and order your favorite non – vegetarian dish along side . Happy eating ..


  1. We were blown away by the food at Mising Kitchen. It was so flavourful, yet had no chillies and no overt spicing. Simple, delicious, plentiful. Ordering a veg thali, we got a whole lot of starter pitikas, three types of daal, each different in colour and flavour and a subzee. . The additional order of non-veg meant a whole lot of items. For a small eater like me, it was too much!!! Three types of chicken preparations appeared, each distinct, one of them a dry preparation with mocha. My companion ordered a mutton curry, so lush and yet so tasty, tender and again not spicy. What subtle flavours! We ate to our heart’s content, and paid a small bill. Rs 800 for both of us, including payesh.

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