Lal Chana Bhandar

Lal Chana Bhandar is the example how an enterprising businessman can grow from a roadside Chanawala to a permanent shop and even employ people under him . For the guys of Guwahati Commerce College and Icon College , this is a very common name . He has been there for about last seven years and a lot of people ( including us !! ) know him personally . Its is mainly because of is soft spoken nature and his hard work ,and his awesome Chana of-course , that we are writing this article about his Lal Chana Bhandar .

Lal Chana Bhandar #GuwahatiFoodie

Lal Chana Bhandar #GuwahatiFoodie

Nothing much to say about the ambiance of Lal Chana Bhandar . They have made a neat little shop in the corner of a building . The food is served over the counter and relished in the adjacent area !! But we don’t think that anyone will complain about the ambiance out here !! There are also a few chairs for the lucky few who might find them empty !!

Service is over the counter in Lal Chana Bhandar . They make your order inside and serve it over the counter . On peak hours , we have seen as many as three people making the items and a forth guy helping them out !! Cleanliness is given due importance here . We suggest you to use the take – away option .

The taste is what makes it so special . Be it the simple chana mix or the alu chat to the cheese wai – wai , everything is made to give maximum taste . If you have a taste for extra heat , they also give Bhut Jolokia .

They have worked from a smaller space for about seven years , and here is a copy of their menu . Do visit it and let us know if like it .

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