Kanchan – D – Corner

Steaming hot bite size momos , thats what Kanchan – D – Corner is all about !!

All momo lovers must try this place at least once . Started way back in 1996 , they are one of the oldest momo places in Guwahati , and probably the cheapest !! Prices are the lowest here as well , they started from a price of Rs.
10 per plate of chicken / pork momo to now Rs. 30 per plate . Possible only in Kanchan – D – Corner .

We dint have to try the rest of the menu of Kanchan – D – Corner to write about them , specially after eating their momos . Small momos that you can finish in a bite or two , with almost surety to find meat in each piece . Plus the steaming hot soup they make is delicious . So much so that we had a looser pays competition there , where the one who ate less had to pay the whole bill !!

There is absolutely nothing about ambiance here ! You basically have to stand on the footpath ,  and eat over their counter ! If there is crowding , you might have to hold the plate on one hand and eat with the other . Thats all we have to say about the ambiance here .

The service is very quick here . Normally the waiting time would be just a minute or two , unless they have just put the momos in the streamer . then you might have to wait few minutes . The taste and price more than compensates for the lack of any sitting  arrangement . And its location on the corner of the commerce point makes it more well known among the youth who come here on the afternoons .

Open During : Kanchan – D – Corner is open from 12 PM to 8 PM . Closed on Sundays and public holidays .

Phone Numbers : +91 98549 31070

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