Jeevan Juice Festival : Drink For Health Campaign

The Jeevan Initiative is organizing the Jeevan Juice Festival from the 1st to the 5th of July , 2015 in the Assam Engineering Institute ground in Chandmari , Guwahati . And this year’s theme for the Juice Festival is Drink For Health Campaign .

Jeevan Juice Festival

The Jeevan Community has been organizing a Juice Festival since 2013 in Guwahati to promote natural drinks of the region . By this event they aim to provide exposure to the producers, entrepreneurs and industries of various kinds of juices as well as an amazing drinking experience to all the visitors .

North East India has the potential to produce nearly a third all the types of fruits in the country , but we still lack in proper Juice Culture . We are more attracted to the fancy advertisements of the artificial drink , and prefer them over the local healthy ones . This event aims to show to the youth why natural juices are way better than the artificially flavored ones , and that they taste better as well .

Natural Juices have a wide variety of benefits ranging from relieving acne to constipation to control of allergy to kidney stones . The people at Juice Recipes say that they have a juice to cure any health problem you might have . Such sort of health tips and traditional knowledge sharing is what the organizers aim to provide to everyone visiting the event .

Due to the advertisements and marketing of the corporates and traders of artificial drinks and flavors, the natural and herbal drinks sector often find it very hard to sell their products . This Juice Festival aims to help such individuals or organizations by showcasing their products to the public . Thereby they will get a proper exposure and market for the products .

Guwahati Foodie is very happy to be the online partner for the Jeevan Juice Festival : Drink For Health Campaign and invite you for the same . Please stay connected to the Event Page or Guwahati Foodie Group to stay updated for the event .


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