Homemade Chocolate Cake

Almost everyone loves cakes . And even more so when its has irresistible chocolate flavour . This article is a recipe of chocolate cake as given by Minakshi Roy .

Homemade cake by Minakshi Roy #GuwahatiFoodie

Picture Courtesy : Minakshi Roy

Ingredients :

The following are the items used in this chocolate cake recipe :

  1. One cup all purpose flour
  2. One cup powdered sugar
  3. One and a half cup refined vegetable oil
  4. Three eggs
  5. Three tablespoons of Cocoa powder
  6. One Teaspoon Vanilla essence
  7. Cashew / Almonds (optional)

Method :

Start by mixing the eggs and oil using a mixer or beater and then pour the mixture into the mixing bowl . Slowly add the powdered sugar to this mixture and mix it well . Please make sure that there are no lumps in the batter . Continue stirring and gradually add the flour to this mixture . Add the vanilla essence at the very end and mix it thoroughly to make sure that there are no lumps left .

Grease the bowl you will use for baking with a tad of butter and then dust a little flour over it .

Pour half the batter into your bowl and then add the cocoa powder . Mix it again so that no lumps are left in it . Then add the remaining batter to your bowl .

Cut the dry fruits into thin slices or small pieces according to your choice . And you can add the same as garnish .

Now put the bowl into your oven or whatever device you use , and let it bake . And within few minutes , your chocolate cake is ready to be served . Serve it warm for best results .

Note : Baking time is according to the baking medium used .

This recipe of chocolate cake is given by Minakshi Roy .

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