Highway City Dhaba

Highway City Dhaba is the first Dhaba that you reach when going from Khanapara to Sonapur . But along with its location , the tasty food is what makes this place a must visit .

Roast Pork @ Highway City Dhaba #GuwahatiFoodie

Roast Pork @ Highway City Dhaba #GuwahatiFoodie

Sonapur has become like the nearby getaway for Guwahatians . And the Dhabas are like the favorite hangouts . Highway City Dhaba is one of those eateries , having ample space and services for a good pass time with your friends or family .

Important things first , the food in Highway City Dhaba is quite good ( if not very good ! ) . Some of their specialty dishes are Maharaja Chicken and Chilli Pork and both of them are very tasty . But there is something nice for the vegetarian guests . This eatery makes it own panner , so you can expect fresh paneer everyday !!

Alcohol is also served here , the price of which is just marginally more than the wine shops . They sometimes allow drinks to be brought from outside , but that completely depends on their mood . So we suggest that you not take the risk !!

Secondly , the ambiance is very nice . The place is spacious and the concrete – bamboo huts give ample space and airiness . There is also ample parking place and space for kids to play around in Highway City Dhaba .

Thirdly the service is quite good here . But the catch here is that , not all the waiters can converse in languages other than Assamese . And it goes without saying that the service grows slower with increase in customers .

Timing : Highway City Dhaba is open from around 12PM to around 9 PM .

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