Grill Republica

Grill Republica are the entrepreneurs who bought the concept of barbeque to Guwahati , and they are the best in it . This article is about their outlet in Latasil .

Burger @ Grill Republica #GuwahatiFoodie

Burger @ Grill Republica

The food of Grill Republica is very good . Their burgers are simply awesome and the Barbequed Chicken is heavenly !! Also they make their own mayonnaise , which is kind of sweet and goes very well with the barbeques meat .

The problem with Grill Republica is their non – existent ambiance . Yes you did not read it wrong !! The whole shop is actually their work area and kitchen , and people have to stand on the footpath or the road and eat . Only one table is there for any lucky person or group to grab !! And there are no chairs . Hence we would suggest people to use the take – away option in Grill Republica .

The service is quite efficient and fast in Grill Republica . The people are also quite well behaved and knowledgeable . It is also possible to customize your orders , making it very personalized experience .

Overall we would like to say that you should try Grill Republica atleast once if you are in Guwahati . It is located at a very nice spot , just next to the Guwahati planetarium , and just a few meters from the Uzan Bazaar Ghat .

Facebook : Grill Republica .


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