Foodie Meetup in Guwahati

About a month back , people from approached us saying that they wanted to conduct a Foodie Meetup in Guwahati . That sounded quite fun to attend but we were pleasantly surprised when they told us that they wanted to partner with us for the event . And that was how Askme Foodie Meetup – Guwahati began . Finally after a lot of discussions and problems , the event happened on the afternoon of 17th of May , in Silver Streak , Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok , Guwahati .

Foodie Meetup

Special guests for the event were the prominent author of multiple books on Assamese Cuisines and blogger of , Mrs Jyoti Das , renowned Chef and owner of Heritage Khorika , Chef Atul Lahkar and Mr Souvik Mukherjee and Mrs Priyanka Khandelwal Mukherjee of frame . And many other foodies from all over the city made us proud with their presence .

The afternoon began with a brief introduction by the guests of the event . It turned to be a nice ice breaking session as people came to know about each other . Chef Atul Lahkar and Mrs. Jyoti Das provided valuable insights on Assamese Cuisines and why we should work to increase its popularity . Following this was a quick presentation by the Askme team about their Food Ambassador programme .

Then came the fun part where the Bartender of the Silver Streak showed the guests how they made their beautiful drinks , much to the pleasure of the guests . Things only got better after this when the Chefs took an workshop of food plating and garnishing .

Fun games were also part of the package wherein the guests were asked questions and the best answers received surprise gifts from the Askme team . A food tasting session was also there , wherein guests were asked to identify the ingredients of the dish . The person with most number of correct ingredients got gifts from their side .

After a short discussion on various topics and another fun video from the Askme team , the event finally drew to a close by about 6 PM , leaving behind happy memories to be cherished for ever . We are thankful to Askme for organizing this Foodie Meetup in Guwahati and the owner of Silver Streak for letting us use his premises . Also special gratitude to each and every guest who made this event such a success .

Till the next time we meet , Adios !!




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