Chung Fa

Chung Fa and China Town , according to us , serve the best authentic Chinese food in Guwahati . Given the fact that both share the owner , both are identical in taste and feel . This article is our take on Chung Fa .

Manchow Soup @ Chung Fa #Guwahati Foodie

Manchow Soup @ Chung Fa #Guwahati Foodie

Chung Fa tries quite successfully tries to provide a nice Chinese – type ambiance . Even the colors , shades , lighting and the whole interiors just get your mood going and ready for an overload !!

Service is also nice in Chung Fa . But if you are visiting on a holiday or weekend , be prepared to wait . The service grows slower with the crowds , but the quality generally does not deteriorate .

Authentic Chinese cuisines is the best thing about Chung Fa . Very limited in the cuisines is the chief difference between them and any other eateries . Both their Vegetarian and Non – Vegetarian cuisines are awesome , but we prefer to have their pork the most !! Not only the quality , but also the quantity of food is worth the money . One plate is generally enough for two people , thus making this a nice place for any treat or party .

Its very hard to decide between Chung Fa and China Town , as they serve almost identical food . But the chance of getting a place to park your car is higher in Chung Fa . Also it has a bigger space and more capacity compared to its sister eatery .

Do pay this place a visit and let us know if you like it .

Zomato : Chung Fa

Phone : +91 361 2417088

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