Bread Cafe – Shillong

Located in Police Bazaar , the heart of Shillong , Bread Cafe is one of the popular pastry shops in the region . And this article is about why you should not miss it out on your next visit to Shillong .

 Donuts @ Bread Cafe #GuwahatiFoodie

Donuts @ Bread Cafe #GuwahatiFoodie

The food of Bread Cafe mainly comprises of cupcakes , donuts and sandwiches . But trust us when we say that they are really yummy . The cupcakes out there look so delicious that you cant help but try one !! And those with the smiley look the most inviting .

Ambiance of Bread Cafe is quite beautiful . But the problem is the size . Its tiny and sitting arrangement for just a few people . However , given the fact that most people use the take – away option , normally a few empty spaces are always there .

Since most the items are precooked , the service of Bread Cafe is basically over – the – counter or self – service kind of thing . So you actually don’t have to wait at all , unless there are a lot of people in the queue before you .

It is located just above the Barbeque restaurant in Police Bazaar , so Bread Cafe should not be hard to spot . And our suggestion is to visit in the afternoon , looks way better at that time . Any if you are a girl , we are absolutely sure that you will love it .

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