Atithya Resort

Located off the Asian Highway – 1 ( National Highway – 37 ) at Patarkuchi , this is one of those places where you can chill out with your buddies in a lazy afternoon .

atithya resort

The food is ok in Atithya Resort and their specialty are local cuisines . We liked the chicken there , but the pork , not so much !! Most of the ingredients are locally procured , so expect healthier food than the city . Also you can always tell them to make your order less or more spicy , as per your taste . The chicken curry is also good in Atithya Resort

Drinks are available here , but they also allow you to take drinks from outside . We picked up our drinks on our way there at Khanapara . This facility makes Atithya Resort more popular than some of the other dhabas in the area .

The ambiance of Atithya Resort is quite natural  . The hills and the trees in the vicinity make the place very cool and pleasant . Also the greenery gives a nice soothing feeling . Plus there is hardly any pollution in that area , making it a very healthy environment to visit as a break from the busy city life .

Service in Atithya Resort is at par to most of the dhabas in the region . Not as good as the city however . The service however gets slower when the people increase . Also most of the people know only Assamese , making it hard for the people from other states .

Open During : Atithya Resort , Patarkuchi  is open from 2 PM to 10 PM everyday .

Phone Numbers : +91 97070 79295

Facebook : Atithya Resort

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