Ambersari Dhaba & Restaurant

Everyone loves a good Dhaba . And Ambersari Dhaba & Restaurant is not only about the awesome food , but also the very cheap price . This article is about why you should not miss this place .

Dinner @ Ambersari Dhaba #GuwahatiFoodie

Dinner @ Ambersari Dhaba #GuwahatiFoodie

The ambiance of Ambersari Dhaba & Restaurant is quite Ok . Good enough for a budget dhaba .

We found the service of Ambersari Dhaba & Restaurant to be very good . The people are very polite and well mannered and that tiny hint of Punjabi in their tone actually makes it quite nice . The orders are processed quite fast and efficiently . Additionally, if you have any problem in understanding what a particular item is , you can always ask your waiter to explain .

The food of Ambersari Dhaba & Restaurant is what makes it so special . They make the food on wood fire , so that beautiful smokey taste is there . Their tandoori chicken is one of the best we have tried out here , so is their butter tikka massala . Also the price is very less , so much so that we were five people ( all of whom could eat a lot ) and dint manage to get the bill touch even Rs. 1500 .

This is a family restaurant hence alcohol is not allowed .

Located on NH – 31 , at Amingaon , this might be a bit far for some of the Guwahatians , but whatever extra you spend on fuel to reach this place is negligible when compared with the quality of food of Ambersari Dhaba & Restaurant .

Open During : 11 AM to 10 PM

Phone Number : +91 97060 29500

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