11th Avenue Cafe Bistro

11th Avenue Cafe Bistro is a new coffee place on the busy corner of Digholi Pukhuri and Guwahati Museum . This article is our take on this eatery .

11th avenue #GuwahatiFoodie

11th avenue #GuwahatiFoodie

The ambiance of 11th Avenue Cafe Bistro is different and in a very good sense . Apart from just the nice furniture , and a good lighting effect , they also have a few books . So if you want to spend some here , you can always order a coffee and read something while sipping on the coffee . We all have faced those times when our date is late , haven’t we ??

We found the food of 11th Avenue Cafe Bistro quite ordinary . Few items like the English Breakfast are good , few other items like their Pizzas are mediocre while few others like their spaghetti were not much to our liking . So be careful what you want to eat !!

The service is kind – of slow in 11th Avenue Cafe Bistro , but that is not a problem if you are here to spend some time . If you want a quick byte , then this probably not the correct place .

Phone Number : +91 8473819081

Zomato : 11th Avenue Cafe Bistro

Timing : 11th Avenue Cafe Bistro is open from 10 AM to 10.30 PM

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